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How can you stand with teachers and students to show your support?  Join the Adopt A School Initiative today.

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United For Schools

The purpose of the Adopt A School Initiative is to maximize resources and support for students and teachers in schools, provide 1-on-1 mentoring to at-risk children, and support to parents in helping their child reach their full potential .

Through the Adopt A School Initiative, we are inviting churches, businesses, and community members to join us in meeting the needs of under-resourced schools throughout all of Shawnee. Let’s invest in the lives of children and advocate for teachers in Shawnee!


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"The relationships that are formed between our students and their mentors build self-confidence emotionally and academically.  In addition, our students' families have expressed their gratitude for the support volunteers provide their children.  I appreciate that we have community members who are willing to share their time with the students of Will Rogers Elementary."

-Jackie Noble, Will Rogers Elementary Principal


Find Your Place 

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Summit Mentoring

The Summit, exists to connect children with mentors who have a passion to make a difference in a child's life.

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Summer Lunch program

Since our inception in 2006, The Summer Lunch Program has effectively met the needs of children across Shawnee struggling with hunger.

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school support team

Our School Support Team helps to maximize resources in schools so teachers are better supported and learning can be the primary focus for students.